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Improve human relations for effective ministry - Apostle Samuel Ofori

The 2017 Teshie- Nunuga Area Apostolisation ended on Saturday, February 18 with a call on Christian leaders to improve their human relations for effective ministry.

A lecturer at the Pentecost Theological Seminary, Apostle Samuel Ofori, said at the conference that ministry was about taking care of needs, adding that research showed that the human face of ministry covered about 60 per cent of the work.

Speaking on the sub-theme: “Being an example of Christ as a balanced leader, ” under the major theme “I am an example of Christ in my Generation,” Apostle Ofori said: “If you are an officer or a minister and your human relations are not good, it does not augur well for the work.”

Improved human relations, he said, involved personal relationships bound by love, adding, “if you serve with a smiling face and a willing heart, you will get a family.”


He said quite often people were unable to master the art of human relations, adding that greetings and responding to greetings played a key role in successful human relations.

“As a Christian leader learn how to smile, acknowledge the presence of people, learn to listen to others and nod or pass comments to take part in conversations or let people know you are with them. Jesus our master related well with everybody, including sinners.”

He urged all leaders and shepherds not to label Christians undergoing discipline in the church as “bad people,” but rather draw close to them and show them love and care in their difficult times as Christ did.

He also asked that Christian leaders accept and appreciate people for who they are. “Let people know that you care about them and practise visitation without discrimination.”


He also asked the participants to watch out for the lust of the flesh, the eye and the pride of life as such vices did not portray the selflessness of Christ.

Quoting from James 4:4 Apostle Ofori admonished all to be content with whatever they have and wherever God has placed them.

He also admonished participants to say no to worldly passions and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age.

For her part, the wife of the Area Head, Mrs Georgina Birago Amaniampong, urged Christian women to be examples of Christ in their homes in order for their children and households to be true Christians. She said any form of hypocrisy in the home would affect the upbringing of their children as the children would get the impression that it was alright to lead double lifestyles. “If our words at church do not match our actions in the home, our children will begin to behave the same way and in no time, they will not be found in the church,” she said.


The Area Head, Prophet James Osei Amaniampong, was grateful to the over 2,000 officers who participated in the four-day retreat. He said it was an opportunity to train leaders in the pillars of the Vision 2018 so that evangelism and church growth could be attained at all levels. He lauded the Teshie-Nungua area leadership for their hard work which won several souls, resulting in the baptism of over 2,000 souls in the year under review. The total membership of the area now stands at 33, 500.

Activities included the premiere of a video documentary on the activities of 2016 in the area, a personality profile of the area head in the form of a panel discussion and a drama by the PENSA members from the University of Ghana, Legon.

The former Area Head for Teshie-Nungua, Apostle Rigwell Ato Addison (Retd), who participated in the conference, said the efforts of the Teshie-Nungua Area as reflected in the documentary and other activities were worth emulating.

“Prophet Amaniampong is a gift to the church, he has the ability to transform old practices and give them a new look for ministry growth, and this is worth emulating and should be transferred to impact the entire church,” he said.

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