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Politicians are vampires and unprincipled – Maurice Ampaw

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Outspoken and controversial lawyer Maurice Ampaw has lashed out at politicians in the country describing them as blood sucking vampires and individuals untruthful to themselves.

Responding to a question on the behaviour of current crop of politicians, Lawyer Ampaw noted with concern how dishonest people had surrounded President Akufo-Addo ill advising him because they were being fed.

“It is the hypocrisy of politicians. They are not trustworthy, they are unprincipled, they are vampires, they are people who are not true to themselves…. They came to exploit us, enrich themselves and they lie to us,” he fumed.

He entreated Ghanaians to hold politicians accountable for their actions adding that the latter had to be reminded that power belongs to the people but had been lent to them.


“It’s high time that orderly Ghanaians reminded politicians that the power is not theirs but ours’, hence they need to listen to us when we counsel them. Secondly it’s only those who like you that criticize you, hence those who have filled the President’s camp serving as bootlickers because they want to be given appointments will give their accounts in 2020.

The governing NPP has come under fire after 8 members of one of the party’s vigilante group, Delta Force were set free after they invaded a court session and freed their colleagues who were standing trial in Kumasi assaulting the presiding judge in the process.

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