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Ghana lacks innovative curiosity driven culture – Dr. Emmanuel Letsu-Dake

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Ghanaian inventor and aerospace engineer Dr. Emmanuel Letsu-Dake has challenged the populace to develop a curiosity driven culture towards innovation. According to the tech expert, the country’s dire need of innovation is what is impeding its progress steadily.

Speaking at the fifth edition of Achimota Speaks themed ‘Rethinking Science, Technology and Innovation for accelerated development’, Dr. Letsu-Dake cited Sir Isaac Newton’s story of how his curiosity led him to come up with the theory of gravity and called for people to think in the line of Science, Innovation and technology.

“In one of the most famous anecdotes in the history of science, a young sir Isaac Newton is sitting in a garden when an apple falls from a tree and his curiosity leads him to come up with theory of gravity…. This was in the year 1666, one man’s curiosity can change humanity. The giant strides that have been made by in terms of science and technology since then points to the continuous quest for improvement by humanity and in particular by technology advance economies,” he stated.


Dr. Emmanuel Letsu-Dake also noted that there was a lack of progressive improvements to technologies in the country. He stated that if Ghanaians had cultivated the habit of improving inventions or concept many problems would have been solved.

Referring to the local invention of toilet facility (Kumasi Ventilated Improvement Programme) the inventor questioned the reason for the stagnation in its development since its inception. He added that the menace of open defecation in the country would have been curbed if the initiative was enhanced.

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