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David Dontoh stars in new radio drama series

David Dontoh, one of the nation’s best-known actors, plays the lead role in a 13-part drama series called ‘Egya Yaw’ due to start running later this month on Joy FM and Adom FM.

The series, which is in English and Twi, is named after Dontoh’s character who is a funny, ingenious, wise-cracking old man and the centre of attraction at every social gathering he attends.

It opens with a surprise party for Egya Yaw with an equally surprising drama over the blowing of candles on a birthday cake, a boisterous journey in a hot trotro bus, two wives, planning separate funerals for their departed husband, and some steamy love scenes.

Known to many also as Ghanaman, Dontoh is President of the Ghana Concert Parties Union and also founder/director of the Das Professional Acting Institute (DASPAI).

He has appeared in several movies in this country and abroad.

He brings his rich experience to the new series which is modeled on the Ghanaian popular drama, ‘Concert Party.’


“It’s been really exciting working on this innovative series and I trust listeners will love it. I have championed ‘concert party’ for a long time and I’m sure the series will bring out its many joys and excitement for a new generation of radio audiences,” says Dontoh.

Concert Party was hugely popular during the colonial days with the likes of comedy actors such as the Axim Trio and during the early days of independence in the 1960s with Jaguar Jokers, Bob Cole and Ajax Bukana.

In the 1970s, the focus shifted to television when Osofo Dadzie held the nation spellbound for many years.

“Egya Yaw” brings back this exciting tradition, this time, specially produced for mainstream radio audiences.

Other actors in the series produced by Creative Storm and sponsored by The Enterprise Group include Amanorbea Dodoo, Andrew Adote and Ato Ghartey.

“Egya Yaw” will be broadcast weekly on Joy FM on Tuesdays at 7.10p.m. The Twi episodes, introduced by veteran broadcaster, Amankwa Ampofo, will be broadcast on Adom FM on Wednesdays at 5.30p.m.

Source: The Mirror

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