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JOT Agyeman shares his story at 50 years

Broadcast journalist, TV producer and actor JOT Agyeman turns 50 and shares an interesting self-reflection on his journey in life. Check it out.

My story is likened to playing a game of chess, my favourite game. Those who know my story are a select few, indeed family and a close group of friends.

I hope that as I approach my golden age, you will be inspired by it and let it help sharpen your tools for the life you have before you. Unfortunately, I cannot say everything here but certainly, the full story will be told one day.

Today, many look up to me as a mentor, as a father and as a friend. The beginnings were not all that rosy. My struggles were many but the support few.


The side where you sit on a gold mine, yet can’t mine. The part where, you have lost your way in the midst of several obvious paths. The part where as you grow up trying to find your own identity, you realize that everyone else expects you to tread a certain path to the top. My family was blessed with two major roles in life.

Each family has its God given role. Finding that role is the beginning of the greatness that family will become.

It can however be confusing as expectations grow. In mine, we were Kings and Prophets. No apologies there but as I grew up we were always surrounded by both or members of my family were engaged in both.

The scepter and crown have never left my home for over a century. Royalty continues in many forms be it in Politics, Leadership or in Traditional Chieftaincy. Children born in our family today are groomed to be leaders.


I recall going to Wesley College because I didn’t do well in Math and my father will not let me stay home and rewrite the Ordinary level Math. I recall hating Wesley College with such venom that I wanted out the day I entered.

I stayed for all three years and finished as one of the top students in my year. I recall hating the status quo and the so called proper way of doing things.

Wealth for me was not drinking from fine glasses and eating from the finest plates. I was a reluctant participator both at home and at school. University offered me other dimensions to life and opened up a door of worms, unleashed on me like a flood, yet I embraced this as a way to find acceptance and love.

Most of my siblings were much older than I was and so I grew up quite a loner. I always preferred to be on my own, in my little corner somewhere, doing my own thing. Many times, I felt I was hallucinating as I heard a clear voice speak to me.


As I celebrate my 50th birthday in a few weeks, I am grateful to God. I know my calling as a Prophet of God and I know my calling as a King. The next 50 years will clearly show in which direction I will go.

I have won battles and defined the odds. Risen to the top of my profession and opened doors for others to follow. All my siblings have been helpful but some have literally given their time, money and voice to bringing me to this point.

I loved my mother dearly and would have traded places with her if I could. She was my all. She is not here today, to share in my joy but I know she is happy with what I have become.

Thank you Isaac Osei, without you, I may not have been here today. Words cannot comprehend my gratitude to you. I owe you so much. Mrs. Juliet Alhassan, I pray each day for strength for you. At the very dark time in my life, your words of encouragement and dedication contributed in changing my perception of life.


My final thank you is reserved for one person in particular. It would take all the time in the world and all the paper to say thank you. I will. When the clock strikes midnight on the 28th of June, 2017, if God tarries and all is well, I will offer those words of thanks for everything she has stood for and done.

This is a new era for me, new territory, and new beginnings. I have only just started. I have wronged many in my half century and I offer a genuine apology to all those who in one way or the other have been hurt by my actions or by my words.

There is a calling for each one of us. Some of us already walk in that calling and others are yet to. For the young ones dotted around the world, know who you are and what you are meant to be.

Learn from the mistakes some of us have made and tread your own paths to greatness knowing that you are Kings and Prophets commissioned to change the world and make it a better place for all.

I salute all of you.

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