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The Slave King premieres on June 17

Young Ghanaian writer, Gilbert Ramy Carrey, is set to premiere his first movie production titled, The Slave King on Saturday, June 17, at the Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra and Westhills Malls.

The film will show at both venues at 7pm and 9pm. However, the opening at the Accra Mall will be marked with a Red Carpet session.

According to Gilbert,17, The Slave King is an epic adventure movie about Guru, a young man who is captured as a slave by a cruel, ambitious king. The king also captures the young man’s lover and makes both of them serve as his slaves.

Guru struggles to free himself, the woman he loves and other slaves, but unknown to him, the wicked king has plans to marry his lover and sends assassins after him.

The movie which was shot at the Shai Hills features some seasoned Ghanaian actors including Fred Nii Amugi, Edinam Atatsi, Jose Tolbert among a host of others.

Speaking to Showbiz, Gilbert, a student of the Tema International School who has been nominated in the Discovery of the Year category at this year’s EMY Africa Award, said he had his inspiration for the story while studying Ola Rotimi’s The God’s Are Not To Be Blamed during English class.


“I first had the idea during English class when I was 11 years old and that was where I wrote the first draft of the movie. I later fleshed it out and had support to develop it into a movie,” he said.

Talking about why movie lovers should patronise the film, Gilbert described the movie as an original Ghanaian production with a great storyline and terrific cast and crew.

He said besides being an entertaining movie for the entire family, it also contains important morals and lessons.

“The Slave King showcases the best the Ghanaian movie industry has to offer. It touches on some very important themes in society such as the effects of slavery, chaos and tries to find solutions to some of these issues,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert called for increased financial support and sponsorship for movie producers and directors in order to boost the growth of the movie industry in the country.

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