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Victoria Michaels rocks Afromod Trends at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

It was all clicks for the glitz when It was the turn of Afromod Trends to Showcase at the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town.

The wow effect of her latest collection - The African Gatsby left the entire audience of international fashion enthusiasts spellbound.

The creativity and authenticity of her style was second to none. The showcase was like a breath of fresh air for the fashion industry.

The African Gatsby was probably the most talked about runway experience at the glamorous event.

The delectable designer and creative director at Afromod Trends showed an amazing sense of originality and unraveled creative genius with this new collection.


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The deafening cheers and accolades that heralded the show opener worn by Super Model Victoria Michaels was stunning. As each model walked the runway, every piece had something to say about how the continent has evolved as far as fashion creativity was concerned - The crowd was absolutely ecstatic.

It was really a proud day for Ghana on the international fashion stage. In the year when Ghana is celebrating her 60 years of independence, it is heartwarming that our designers are taking the frontlines on the global fashion marketplace.

We welcome the African Gatsby and can't wait to see AFROMOD TREND's next collection.

Source: Goldcard Resources

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