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How Akua Donkor’s largesse and others would have paid 110 ministers salaries

By: Badu, K

Who said that the critics who are querying President Akufo-Addo’s appointment of 110 substantive and deputy ministers are not doing so legitimately?

I am afraid the critics are within their democratic rights. Indeed, they have every right to interrogate the rationale behind President Akufo-Addo’s decision to constitute a large size government.

But then again, if you were to ask my opinion on the issue; I will venture to inform you that I do not harbour any marked disposition for or against the size of Akufo-Addo’s government.


Indeed, there is an unobjectionable evidence of gargantuan bribery and corruption cases, including monies that were given to individuals who did not render any services towards the national development.

Apparently, the rot in the erstwhile NDC government was so pervasive that even the diehard supporters threatened to boycott the 2016 general election.

I recall my long-term friend who had seen enough of the mess in his beloved NDC government decided to walk out of the NDC Party.

My pal contended that he had been defending and promoting the party’s much touted ethos of probity and accountability for well over twenty three years, but lost the zeal to continue, as the sleaze and corruption in President Mahama’s government reached immeasurable proportions.


Indeed, a large portion of the country’s resources went down the drain due to irrevocable mismanagement and the wanton sleaze and corruptions perpetrated by the officials of the erstwhile administration.

The erstwhile NDC government even managed to allocate judgement debt amount in the national budget (around GH600 million).

Somewhere in 2010, it was reported that the late Mills warned some officials in his government not to effect payment to Woyome. Yet the conspiratorial plotters defied the good old Mills orders and doled out a staggering amount to Wayome, who had no contract with the government of Ghana.

Subsequently, in July 2014, the Supreme Court of Ghana ordered Businessman Mr Alfred Woyome to pay back to the state a Gh 51.2million dubious judgment debt paid him between 2009 and 2010.


The Progressive Nationalist Forum (PNF)however estimates that monies lost to corrupt and dubious transactions under the presidency of John Dramani Mahama amounted to GHC5billion.

Apparently, the total of my calculations in respect of all the recorded corrupt and dubious transactions exceeds that of the PNF, but I shall use the PNF’s figure of GH5billion in my analysis.

Substantive and deputy ministers salaries

A cabinet minister who is a Member of Parliament (MP) will now receive GH¢16,423 while a cabinet minister, who is not an MP, will collect GH¢16,195.


For argument sake, I shall increase the total annual salary figure to GH25 million over the four years and that should give us GH100 million (four years’ salary figure).

This is no attempt to justify the appointment of 110 ministers, but let us please be honest, if a few individuals could conspire and embezzle over GH5 billion over eight years, then the four years wage bill of GH100 million, is a ‘peanut’ in my humble opinion.

In sum, despite the fact that the critics hold the preponderance of the argument about 110 ministers, I, for one, would have preferred that the hardworking men and women receive deserving remunerations than a few conspiratorial plotters squandering our resources through ‘create, loot and share’.

K. Badu, UK.



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Columnist: Badu, K
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