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Time to unmask the 'honourable' Members of Parliament

By Daniel Danquah Damptey

“Nature does work miracles. Even Nature has its own laws. Seeds take time to mature. Everybody must know that.”

The above excerpts were taken from a speech by Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia, Prime Minister of Ghana in the Second Republic during an address to debunk the assertion that the Progress Party Government had not done much in the area of development.

One should not overlook the fact that a medicine man who seeks to inherit the widow of dying husband will not give a redeeming drug to the dying man. Just as it is true that not all palm trees can be climbed by a loop, it is not every stream or river that can be crossed by a canoe.


Later on, the Minority Caucus on the Committee met in the office of the Chief Whip where it was resolved that they would not take money from any of the nominees to influence his/her appointment.

Huck! Stop there!

The Minority had resolved not to accept money from any of the nominees to influence his/her appointment! Why bring in that statement? Was that the normal procedure that nominees had to pay money to the appointment committee before they had a smooth sail through? Was that the normal procedure or practice during the previous administration?

Now, the posers:


To think that Muntaka, who is alleged to be the arrow head of this bribery allegation is not only an ordinary member of their contraption, but their chief whip makes one come to the conclusion that indeed, these lying lips of the now dwindling fortunes of desperados have indeed played a yoyo with our collective destiny for a long time. They have now been unmasked but instead of begging Ghanaians for the evil agenda they had harboured against the masses, they are still behaving like Lucifer after he was cast down from heaven to the earth.

One could punch many holes in their argument. How many members from the minority side are on the Appointments Committee? Eleven! If Boakye Agyarko wanted to influence them why should the money be given to just five or six of them?

You remember the bribery allegations leveled by some members of the Senior National team, the Black Stars against the then GAFA Executives. According to some of the players, in a World Cup qualifier between Ghana and Liberia, George Weah, then Captain of the Liberian National team, the Lone Stars questioned some payers in the Black Stars in the following words, “what about the deal?” .

The Black Star players were playing the match as if their entire lives depended on the outcome of the match. But at that time, the Stars were not in contention. Liberia and Nigeria were the contending nations for the single slot from that group. It appeared the leadership of the Ghanaian federation had entered into negotiations with their counterparts from Liberia without taking some of the players into confidence.


On hearing that the money had come from Boakye Agyarko, three of the MPs from the Minority side had gone to verify the authenticity of that allegation from Honourable Joe Wise who responded that indeed, the money had come from that source. Haba! That Joe Wise said it was Agyarko’s money! That could be regarded as the most senseless confirmation made in the political history of Ghana.

In Japanese terminology, it could be political hari-kari.

What evidence do they have to prove that indeed, Chairman Joe Wise indeed confirmed the allegation? If those leveling the accusation wanted the public to believe them, they could have gone to the Chairman of the Vetting/Appointments Committee with some sort of a recording device so that their argument would be full proof. Anything short of that renders their arguments /allegations spurious.

Again, one will ask what Boakye Agyarko stands to gain by offering such a colossal sum of money to “incorrigible babies with sharp teeth” who felt it was pay back time to exact their pound of flesh from him for having the temerity to refer to their paymaster as corrupt?


Again, Oti Blessed was confirmed by Parliament with less than 2 months to the end of Mahama’s administration, even though he had made divisive ethno centric statements on air.

Now the ignoramuses in the society are blaming the President for swearing in Honourable Boakye Agyarko as Minister of Energy. The argument is so infantile that it should be discarded outright. It lacks merits and common sense. The Minister had provided conclusive evidence to buttress the allegations he had made against ex-President. It was upon that that Parliament approved of his nomination. What has President Akufo Addo done wrong here? Such hyper-critics should direct their complaints to the appropriate quarters.

One thing I have realized about the Nefarious Destructive Cancer is that they are wicked both inside in and out. They have always attempted to put mines in the political landscape. But, I WANT TO ASSURE THEM THAT WE HAVE MINE SWEEPERS TO CLEANSE THE MINE FIELD. They did it during the Dagbon Crises. They leveled serious Charges against General Joshua Hamidu and another hard-working Minister in the Kufuor’s Government. Now, they are trying to do a similar thing to Boakye Agyarko and Otiko Djaba. But, heck, I say, they lie bad!

In conclusion, let me state here that the TRIO OF Okudzeto Ablakwa, Sampson Ahi, Mahama Ayariga and others in the nefarious contraption have played a dangerous game which I believe they will lose. In the event of the losing out, I recommend that their seats be declared vacant to send a strong signal to would-be destroyers of people’s destiny that propaganda does not pay in governance.

On this, I stand.

I shall return.

Daniel Danquah Damptey (Self Appointed Special Aide to the President)

Writer's e-mail:damptey_daniel@yahoo.com

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