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The GFA and Kwesi Appiah; A case of parallel ideologies

When the Ghana Football Association (GFA) inducted the technical ‘Dream Team’ as asserted by its Vice President, George Afriyie, lots of questions have been raised in the media landscape that seeks to thoroughly analyse the real ordeal being perpetuated by the GFA with regards to its set targets for Kwesi Appiah as to whether they are realistic and achievable.

The set targets which includes qualifying and winning the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, building a formidable Black Stars ‘B’ just to mention a few demonstrated how there is no room for error in Kwesi Appiah’s second coming.

It is amazing how this love affair which ended in a disaster some few years back has suddenly reignited, but in my opinion I think the GFA is playing the role of the devil’s advocate which is ‘Do it and lets see ‘.

The induction ceremony was a tale of contrasting directional policies for the senior national team, with Kwesi Appiah seeking to build a strong national team for the long term with the GFA seeking short term gains.

Kwesi Appiah in his address to the media, stipulated his long term agenda for the team whilst the GFA were more concentrated on the short term benefits of his appointment which includes winning the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations and qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The Black Stars head coach clearly highlighted the need to introduce a kind of direction to the Black Stars that will be followed by all in order to ensure homogeneity and a succession plan that will facilitate the progress of the Black Stars in the near future.

“I have always believed that there should be consistency in our structure. Our planning has not been the best in the past,” Kwesi Appiah said.

This comments highlighted by Kwesi Appiah does suggest how the GFA has failed in establishing long term planning measures that will help the Black Stars thrive and it’s amazing how he (Appiah) will achieve this target considering the set target by the GFA.

So the question is, will handing a two year contract to the supposed ‘Dream Team’ be enough to achieve all the set targets?. This question somehow exposes the hidden agenda of the GFA towards Kwesi Appiah.

His immediate predecessor Avram Grant was tasked to go and do well at his first Africa Cup of Nations and win the second one which he eventually failed.

Kwesi Appiah on the other hand has been tasked to win the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations which is quiet ‘unfair’, or may be the GFA is providing another platform that will justify why a local coach cannot manage the Black Stars.

The GFA in its quest to win laurels for the Black Stars have handed performance contract to past coaches which has helped the course of the team in recent times, as managers are focused on short term plans to meet their set target.

Then arises another important question, are we really in need of a trophy despite our 37-years trophy-less drought?. We indeed are, but not that desperate especially with someone like Kwesi Appiah on board, as he will need all the time to be able to bring up a dream team capable of conquering Africa.

Could it be the case of misplaced priority by the GFA, as they have set sight on immediate benefits rather that capacity building that would be pave way for all coaches within the various national to follow a sequence that will trickle upwards to the senior national team.

We all hope and pray the second coming of our illustrious son, Kwesi Appiah will bring success and a directional guide to Ghana’s football, as all and sundry will render their unflinching support for our new gaffer.

Columnist: Simon Asare

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