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Do you remember?

Unknown School?

Eh i remember my first time at the D-hall, Sunday morning when all the sweet lower students refused to eat the boiled eggs and bread bcos they were "shooting" only for the sopi boys to rush for them after the 2nd grace. hmmm these same people were shuffling for food after a few weeks in school, funny world isn't it? Do U remember the house one L6 formers?

Nyalems, Gifty, Briti le (British lady), Kafui, Kate, Candy, Harriet, Evy D, Adelaide and Lady J, eh how can i forget Emma the associate room mate?

And all the fun we had? The banku and fufu we enjoyed from Gifty's mother's chop bar? Oooh and how one dreaded her Bday 'cos of ponding? And how lady J used to be the Mc for birthday celebrations? my oh my i missed those days! And lady J will always ask Gifty to give her, her heart? I remember how we sneaked into the dorm mid morning to sleep and auntie the house mistress caught us one day. i can recall when we gave Azikiwe (right apo) the govt 2 master fans till it nearly landed us into trouble. So where are you girls? please get in touch i miss u sooooo much.

-- Lady J


Good Old Days: were ma Academicians at?

Hey y'all, for me, I entered Accra Aca in 2000 but I spent only six months after which I came to America. But to tell the truth, my experience remains the best I've had in my school days. I remember once as a form one boy: My first time at interco when we were "shaking" punk ass Quinas. I always knew I was going to witness crazy things as an Academician but the most craziest was when a form three guy from Accra Aca made an Aquinas student "kuashi' (kneel down). Yo, it was right in front of me. for me, the Accra Aca-Quinas rivalry was what I enjoyed the most. 'member when we beat the hell outta the Legon Presec boys because our girls Merries wanted to sit next to us and Presec didn't want to move? Remember Asamoah Gyan the form one football player? I just learned on this website he's playing for Udinese in Italy. big up to him, men.

'membermr Mr. Myers, the most wickedest teacher on campus? 'member Akwerh Ninja (mr.Akwerh) the senior house master? ooh! I forgot, 'member fatoo? 'member when we won the athletic championship in 2000 when we bustered open the temasco's bus in the process of jubilating? that was the best jama I had in my stay at bleoo. 'member when AGISS wanted to come back to us and we didn't want them? 'member the spirit and morale in the Bleoo uniform?, that every girl wanted to be with you because of the uniform?

Yo, those were some sickDays!

--- Felix Laryea


A lot really happened that cannot be believed in retrospect. l remember in the first year first day of arrival the seniors will warmly welcome u and joyfully carry yur stuff to the dormitary. Not knowing it is not u , but the 'goods' that u brought is the cause of the jubilation. DO u remember OWANTAN and SCRABBLES .Do u remember when KOFIGAH the terrorist [he is actully the assistant headmaster] used to scare the hell out of us ? there is one incident that still remains fresh on my mind.

lt was a friday afternoon which is usually self acclaimed half day for us.after the first day we were all relaxing in our dorms when we heard that KOFIGAH was approaching the dorms for inspection since ths break had expired.At that moment people had opened their 'chop boxes' and were enjoying their MPAE .with the hint people started jumping from the first floor down with their shirts in hand and shorts halfway to the waist with a speed that could have overtaken that of michael johnson. within 3 minutes of the alarm we were ALL seated in class seriously READING with some reading biology GAST, which they mistakenly took in the rush, even though they were ARTS students. lt is funny in retrospect but a very serious encounter at that time.Very memorable events indeed.
--- [[email protected]]