Chrysler PT Cruiser - 2003

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  • GHS 24000
  • 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser
  • 2003
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  • Check out this 2003 edition of Chrysler PT Cruiser in Black colour, which goes for 24000. Available in an automatic transmission system, this car is a sure guarantee for your investment in the coming years.PT Cruiser has the same stylishly old-fashioned exterior design that's been catching the eyes of passers-by since the first Cruisers appeared in the late 1990s, but reviewers are quick to point out that the Cruiser isn't just another pretty face - it also has a surprisingly large and versatile interior. The PT Cruiser's charismatic retro design," says the New York Times, "merely camouflages what is actually a supremely efficient box on wheels." Storage space is large enough that it meets federal government requirements for a large car despite the PT Cruiser's deceptively small-appearing exterior. "Small on the outside doesn't necessarily mean small on the inside," says Edmunds. "With creative packaging, a compact, easy-to-drive vehicle can also offer gobs of interior space. And so it is with the PT Cruiser."Dont forget to mention when you contact the seller!