Entertainment of 2018-02-16

Lifestyle: Why you should love your 'saggy boobs'

Chidera Eggerue, a 23-year-old award-winning blogger, is the driving force behind Saggy Boobs Matter, an online movement that challenges unrealistic expectations of what breasts should look like. She told BBC 5 live's Stephen Nolan that as a teenager all she wanted was cosmetic surgery because her breasts "didn't look like those of the model on bra packaging". Chidera has now grown to love her body and encourages other women to love theirs. She said: "A lack of representation of saggy-looking boobs when I used to go bra shopping in M&S made me realise that something is wrong with the way the world views women’s bodies." Chidera also took a pot shot at bra packaging, claiming they offered her no guidance. She says her online campaign has received praise - but she has also been bodyshamed and trolled She says bra packaging only shows 'white women with perky boobs' “Why I chose to do this is because other women who do not yet have that strength in themselves to have that view and that strength comes from self-awareness and self-awareness often comes from choosing to love the parts about yourself that you’ve been taught to dislike. And not every woman has that willpower. Chidera wants women to know that their 'saggy boobs' matter. “So I’ve chosen to essentially be the sacrificial lamb here because I know that, no matter what’s said about my body, or even me, my value extends beyond other people’s vision. And so it’s important that if you’re in a position where you’re comfortable with yourself, it will be nice to help other people reach that point.” She added.