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Obedience is the master key to God's Blessings-Pastor

Gomoa-Oboasi (C/R), June 7, GNA-The Gomoa-Afransi District Pastor of the Pentecost Church, Nelson Agbeve, has said that the 'Master Key' the nation could conveniently use to attract abundant blessings from the Creator was for the citizenry to obey the Word of God.

"Anything short of this will definitely breed unlimited amount of misfortune on individual citizens and the nation', Pastor Agbeve added. The District Pastor was addressing about 400 members of the Pentecost Church at Gomoa-Oboasi Pentecost Church, to round off a week-long evangelisation and environmental health activities initiated by the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), branch of the Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA).

The service preceded the presentation of a large quantity of used clothes and other items valued more than 10,000,000.00 to local leaders of the Church for distribution to needy people in the area. Pastor Agbeve said majority of the people who professed to be Christians miserably failed to secure results to their prayers. Such people, Paastor Agbeve further stated, tend to forget that the criteria to select faithful and reliable believers of God was not based on mere church going, singing and dancing to the tune of beautiful spiritual songs.

He said volumes of beautiful songs that we sing in our homes and churches to honour and adore the Creator should be made to commensurate with our willingness to obey Divine Laws all the time. "The nation had failed to draw God nearer to her needs and access the endless Divine blessings because Ghanaians have woefully failed to obey the Commandments of God," Pastor Agbeve stressed. He told the congregation that the increasing immoral acts prevailing in the country was abominable to God and were the direct cause of the country's socio-economic predicaments. Pastor Agbeve said that history have it that people and nations which obeyed the Word of God had abundant blessings and cited Joseph, Shadrack , Mezack, Abedinago, Elijah, Paul and Silas who were saved and rewarded by God when they rendered faithful to God in times of difficulty.

He reminded Christians that those gallant Christian soldiers fought and successfully won their respective battles through effective maintenance of faith backed by a sustained spirit of self-control. Pastor Agbeve said the power which God used to save those obedient and faithful servants from the devil was still working, adding that he had no doubt whatsoever in his mind that if "we as a nation obeyed the commandments of God the numerous socio-economic challenges facing the nation could be solved in no time."

Pastor Agbeve has therefore advised Ghanaians, especially the youth, to cultivate the spirit of self-control to help them shun the mounting immoral powers of the devil and focus their attention on God. He said in doing so, we would be drawing the Creator nearer to our side and eventually influence Him to fulfil our supplications for us at the right time.

Pastor Agbeve warned members of PENSA against acts that might influence them to play to the gallery of the devil who has in store, strategic plans to destroy them spiritually and materially.

He urged PENSA members throughout the country to intensify their education against immoral acts, including indecent dressing and sex trading among the youth students inclusive both on and off campus as their contribution towards making Ghana peaceful and decent place to live.

Pastor Agbeve commended PENSA for donating a quantity of used clothes and other items for distribution to needy people living within the Afransi District of the Pentecost Church and gave the assurance that the gesture would serve the purpose for which they were donated.Source: GNA
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