Soccer News of 2012-06-15

3-day festival to launch Emmanuel Adebayor Foundation

in Accra June 29 It is official. can exclusively report that Togo star footballer Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor will soon launch his charity foundation in Accra in a 3-day festival beginning June 29. The official unveiling of the Emmanuel Adebayor Foundation and what it aims to achieve will span three days from Friday June 29 to Sunday July 1 and Adebayor has invited many of his Europe based teammates and friends who will come down to share in his joy. The Manchester City hitman has already engineered several charity works across West Africa including commissioning a water project in Ghana for the Upper West towns of Hamile and Koro exactly this same time last year. Now he intends to fulfil his promise of more charity extended to several less privileged people all over Africa through the foundation. According to Adebayor’s local publicist, Madam Foussena Djagba, the event begins with a dinner dance at the residence of Adebayor in East Legon, Accra where diplomats, decision makers, people in showbiz, media across the globe as well as top footballers will all be present. This event, she insists, is strictly by invitation with a strict dress code of white shirts, black shoe and bow tie. The night is billed to begin with cocktail, followed by a photo gallery session before dinner. A mini documentary of Sheyi’s previous charity work will also be screened. Day two is Saturday June 30 which will begin with a beach soccer game between an Adebayor side against Africa Media before everyone convenes in the evening once again at the footballer’s East Legon residence for a musical concert dubbed Togo versus Ghana. It will be a soiree el a Hawaiian featuring exotic food and musical concert and pits Ghana’s famous ‘Azonto’ dance against the ‘Koolcatche’ which like the Azonto in Ghana, is also in vogue in Togo at the minute and is even done in churches. Dress code once again is strictly anything white. The climax is on Sunday July 1st, Ghana’s Republic Day which’s programme has been dubbed ‘Stay Fit with Ade’ at his residence featuring various games amid a pool party, badminton, bag race, all the games you can name. Going with a dress code of sports wear, a brunch (late lunch) of African traditional dishes will then be served to climax events marking the formal launch of the Emmanuel Adebayor Foundation. Foussena Djagba explains that Adebayor plans to make it a two-in-one event by staging a house-warming party to also formally commission his residence in Ghana. “He is delighted to have acquired a house in Ghana and wants to recognize the privilege Ghana has given him,” Madam Djagba stated. She added: Ghana is more than his home and he has not even been to Togo yet since returning on holidays. Ghana will also be privileged of course that his Foundation will be launched here in Accra.”Credit:Source: Prince Dornu-Leiku
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