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Ghana won't be used to destabilise any country - Mahama tells UN

President John Dramani Mahama has assured the United Nations General Assembly Ghana will not allow its territories to be used destabilise any country.

He said Ghana was respecter of the sovereignty of other nations and will not harbour fugitives from any country whose agenda is to foment trouble back home.

President Mahama was speaking at the 67th UN General Assembly Wednesday.

Read below our live updates on the president's address to UN.

We were touched by the world’s tributes after the death of our leader. Mills was a dedicated and honorable statesman dedicated to improving the lives of Ghanaians, Africans, and all the people of the world. I want to extend condoloences to the people of Malawi, Ethiopia, and Guinea Bissau from the people of Ghana. One lesson I learned from Mills’s death is that it is during times like this that we reveal our essences, both as nations and individuals. We are resilient and respectful of the values that promote peace. In our healing process, we have become more united and determined to stay the course set at independence. We have become confident in the ability to create stability for our children. War and strife, famine and disease, discrimination, illiteracy, and unemployment are a greater blight on Africa than other continents.

Today, Africa boasts of some of the fastest growing economies, Ghana among them. The number of countries engaged in conflict is diminishing annually, and democracies are emerging, albeit with flaws. They are nonetheless promising, in factGhana Ethiopia and Malawi saw peaceful leadership transitions after presidential deaths. Growth is replacing stagnation in Africa, democracy displacing dictatorship, turmoil giving way to serenity. People who can’t see this are relying on long-held, inaccurate stereotypes. Still, the shift has just begun and there is a lot of room for improvement. Africa’s possibility as far as engagement with the world is concerned are boundless. We are on track to achieve many of our targets under the millennium development goals. Poverty is dropping as is gender discrepencies in school enrollment, and HIV is waning as clean water is more widely available. We want to deal as aggressively as possible to encourage the young to become entrepreneurs and therefore employers rather than employees. It’s misleading to say that the youth are our future because 60% of Africans are under 35. The youth therefore are also our present. We have been working hard to see that they are not left behind by shifting global priorities, and we are working to protect the poor and vulnerable. We have launched a new 5 year plan to reduce HIV infection, and we are trying to eliminate mother to child transmission and expand access to antiretrovirals. We are now finding ourselves victims of our own success in fighting this disease, because as infection rates drop, so does funding for anti HIV initiatives.

When it comes to transparency in electoral exercise, we have been recognized as a regional example of excellence, and I want to reassure the intl community that this upcoming election will be free, fair nad peaceful. I’m so certain of our stability in this process that I invite any interested party to come monitor our elections. We were the first country to participate in a UN peace keeping mission, and we’ve continued to be so, ranking among the top 10 contributors of peace keeping troops. Our championing of peace is by design and determination- we recognize it as essential to our development.

Because we want to coexist harmoniously with neighbors. Ghana will not allow its territory to be used to destabilize any nation or disrupt their peace. We will not harbor any groups who want to use us as a base for attacks against the security of our neighbors. We all work under the ECOWAS protocols and want to see peace established in Mali and C. Ivoire. We believe in the declaration of human rights, and we were the first sub-Saharan African country to emerge from colonialism, but as Nkrumah said, self-determination is meaningless without freedom elsewhere. We want to see a free Palestinian state coexisting with an Israeli state, and we call for a lifting of the US embargo against Cuba. The 21st century is being called a century for Africa, and a recent study of the fastest growing economies counted 6 African economies in the top 10.

This new Africa will stand on the world stage as a world partner. The lines dividing our world into hierarchies of first and third world so many decades ago have become blurred, partly through information and technology. The world of today is not the world of our fathers or grandfathers.

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