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AG must investigate Chris Brown’s stage smoking - Atta Akyea

Lawyer Atta Akyea has called on the Attorney General to investigate the alleged case of weed-smoking on stage involving R&B artiste Chris Brown and ensure that justice takes its course

According to him, every person is obliged to respect the laws of the land irrespective of his or her fame or national identity. Chris Brown is not above the laws governing the nation and if the allegations turned out to be true, the Grammy award winner should be dealt with accordingly.

He raised concerns about Chris Breezy’s demeanour on the eve of Independence Day questioned; “If you are a foreigner and we are saying that you shouldn’t be involved in sleeping with a lady who is under 15 years and that will be defilement. And you come and do that, would you say that because the person is a foreigner, he should come and commit defilement and walk away free of charge? He subjected himself to the jurisdiction of Ghana…”

Chris Brown last Tuesday thrilled Ghanaians at the Hope City Launch concert. The performance that lasted over an hour was sandwiched by exciting dance routines, flashing lights and tons of dress changes.

Despite his choice of language which has offended the sensibilities of some Ghanaians, he also sought to promote the use of marijuana by first pulling a “stub” to light it up and displaying it in the full glare of the thousands of audience who thronged the Ohene Djan Sports Stadium.

Half way through his performance, he asked if there were weed smokers in Ghana and proposed that “if anybody’s trippin on y’all smoking weed, f**k them.”

The both Rlg and charter House has come out with contradicting accounts of what actually happened on that day. While Rlg the concert sponsors have categorically denounced the use of drugs saying the artist used an e-cigarette for his stage craft, charter house the event managers have apologised saying the artiste used a slim cigar for his craft.

Mrs. Theresa Ayoade, Chief Executive Officer of Charter House explains that, “As the conflict rage on within him, we overhear his voice and other songs urging him to go ahead and smoke, while his inner voice is also overheard through the loud speakers, saying “Chris, don’t, it can make you crazy!”

She added that Chris Brown symbolically stubbed the lighted cigarette before falling to the floor, coughing as just a public stunt.

Portions of the statement also read: “For the brief moment that Chris Brown stopped over in Accra for the concert, I can confirm that he comported himself. Indeed, his rider which spells out what he wants on the event night, listed strictly water and soda as his requirement and spelled out ‘No alcohol’!

“And, none was supplied to them. The cigar was only a prop he used as part of an act which actually sort to caution against the smoking of ‘weed’,

However, Lawyer Atta Akyea has appealed to the Attorney General to pursue the case in a quest to find out the truth.

“This is a matter that the Attorney General should investigate,” because “It is a criminal offence to use marijuana, [you know] the Narcotic Drug and Enforcement law. So, any activity which is connected with that, they could deal with him.” he said.

He concluded that; “The law says that you can be sentenced to prison if you indulge in narcotics. So, if you have somebody trying to promote narcotics in Ghana, I think that the Attorney General should handle the matter and deal with him.”

Source: peacefmonline
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