Diasporian News of 2013-07-02

Ghanaians in USA are highly disappointed in NDC-USA

and their darling-boy, Atubiga!

One of the uncouth statements in recent times (within our political landscape) that has the tendency to jeopardize the peace and stability of our nation was made by Stephen Atubiga. Atubiga, who before his return to Ghana from the USA was known as Alex Acolatse, was an executive member of NDC-USA in its Virginia-Maryland chapter.

When this apology of a diasporan-intellectual conceived the idea to go to Ghana and contest for a parliamentary seat, he had the blessing of NDC -USA. Not only that, he also had a well attended fund-raising and dinner dance event organized on his behalf by NDC-USA, and graced by their rank and file, including Cletus Avoka, an NDC kingpin who flew in from Ghana.

It is imperative to state that, initiating a conscious effort to move from the USA to Ghana to participate in the political and developmental process of the nation is a step worth commending - anytime.

It is also our believe that the Diaspora subsidiaries of various political parties in Ghana serve as its intellectual pool for the mother party. It is therefore expected that members of these Diaspora branches must have gone through the mill, and as such, have acquired various skills and knowledge through staying and working abroad to be able to impact positively on their communities in particular, and the nation at large - on their return home.

But as it stands now, it is apparently clear that NDC-USA does not share this sentiment within its fold. The impulsive outburst of Atubiga, on Asempa fm, few days ago, and which has attracted the wrath of the Supreme Court is most unfortunate. It is very sad that someone who is supposed to have been exposed to how democracy works will return home and in a Rwandan fashion call for civil war. Yet, not a single soul in NDC- USA will utter a word to condemn such barbaric effusion. This raises serious questions about NDC-USA and the crop of politicians within its circles.

Atubiga, who was defeated in the NDC parliamentary primaries contest in the Binduri constituency of the Upper East Region nurtured his political ambition during his days with the NDC-USA and effectively rode on the back of this engagement to political "dummy-dome" in Ghana.

Having reached his wit's end due to his unguarded utterances on the airwaves, his apologetic ranting thereafter - even before he appears before the judges of the Supreme Court - speaks volumes of his persona. It is funny, how he has suddenly lost his bravado to the wind, and is now fast running away from his own words like a wet rat.

But the questions that keep boggling our minds in the wake of his (Atubiga) brazen vociferation are:

1. How could an individual with such an irresponsible mindset first and foremost find his way into, and be accepted by NDC-USA who are suppose to know better?

2. How could NDC-USA have supported a person like Atubiga - morally and financially - to contest for a parliamentary seat in Ghana?

3. Is this (Atubiga) all that the NDC-USA could offer mother Ghana from its fold?

These are questions that many Ghanaians - both home and abroad - are challenging NDC-USA, in their own interest, to answer.

There is an Akan proverb that says, "show me your friend and I will tell you your character." As it stands now, Atubiga typifies the image of NDC-USA in particular, and its mother party in Ghana at large. But interestingly, NDC-USA has not come out with any statement in response to the ill-considered remarks of their darling boy, Stephen Atubiga. It seems they are distancing themselves now from the poor boy. Too bad.

These reckless statements from the ex-executive member have seriously put the image, credibility and integrity of NDC-USA into disrepute. And the earlier they redeem their tainted image from the smudge, the better for them and their mother party.

Amponsah Stonash New York

Source: Amponsah Stonash
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