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Mahama pushes for US investment

PRESIDENT MAHAMA PUSHES FOR INVESTMENT FROM US BASED BUSINESSES. Buckhead, Atlanta, USA. October 1, 2013 – The Ghana International Chamber of Commerce Atlanta, (GHICC) recently treated the president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, to a business and investment luncheon after his series of talks at the 68th UN General Assembly, and the Kennesaw State University in New York and Atlanta respectively. It is his first visit since his swearing in as president of Ghana, the fourth since the new Republic , and an important one to kick start the economy of Ghana again, after the recent Supreme Court proceedings verifying the eligibility of the recent election results left potential investors and other business opportunities stalling. The GHICC upholds a commitment to promote and extend Ghana’s trade and commerce typically from the United States of America, and has also been involved with creating ‘win-win’ opportunities between stakeholders from the US and the international community and Ghana. Thus by organizing the luncheon, the opportunity became a prime one for President Mahama, to meet with potential investors, business owners and entrepreneurs to communicate his investment strategies as a direct attempt to open up more productive trade lines, and what's more, see advancement and steady growth in Ghana’s economy, technology and infrastructure . Accompanied by Daniel Ohene-Agyekum, Ghana Ambassador to the US and other ministers of state such as Trade and Development Minister Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, as well as Information minister Hon. Mahama Ayariga, President Mahama was swift to highlight his trade and investment manifesto to a room full of willing individuals and groups of companies who are on a forward march to the most thriving economy and nation in Africa. Therefore as Ghana continues to remain a certain emerging market in the sub Saharan region, the timing of the forum was spot on. Speaking to the guests, President Mahama mentioned the areas of power generation and distribution, investment funds to support Ghana’s growing small and midsized companies and agricultural processing. With neighboring West African countries in the region, He emphasized that the time has come for Ghana’s produce to gain a better value by processing what is cultivated even for export. He added that the areas of mining and processing of minerals like iron ore and bauxite, remain a top developmental strategy to increase the revenue generated from exports, and also minimize the importation of produce that would otherwise have been made in Ghana. Some of groups which were present during the business meeting are Cedar Investment Group, World Trade center, Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta's Mayor Office, Atlanta International Airport, TBDR, DigiGlobal Network, JMJ, William Lloyd's and AMG Agriculture. With major networks available to learn firsthand the strategies and economic drive of the Ghanaian leader for his country, the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Final Call Newspaper, Atlanta Broadcasting Corporation, TV Africa and others, understood also, the revised and improved investment laws that are set to attract foreign investors into all sectors of the Ghanaian economy. It is without a doubt, that the political stability in Ghana, coupled with the vast potential the country has, to improve its transportation, communication systems and energy among others, has challenged the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre to embark on a more aggressive and ambitious investment promotion drive, to set up a convenient environment for investors. Organizations from the luncheon that are also trading globally include Libreum Investment Management, together with representatives from the sectors of Energy, Media, and Hotels & Resorts. The Mayor of Atlanta, Kassim Reed, also had his deputy CFO Gwen Smith present, and Lilia Postolachi, board member of the World Trade Center. The president of the GHICC, Matilda Arhin, expressed her delight at the response by the participants and their readiness to help with the growth and development of Ghana. Report by: Paul Asher T Freelance JournalistSource: Paul Asher T
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