Entertainment of 2013-12-03

MONARKI features Miss Ghana 2012 Runner-up on the 'King and I' T-shirts

Monarki, the urbanite Christian T-shirt brand, has launched its new show-stopping collection curate under the banner ‘The King and I.’
The T- shirt features Miss Ghana 1st Runner-up Nadia Ntanu, of the Pentecost University in Accra, promoting Christ-centered messages targeted at the youth.
Releasing new collections around this time of the year has become a tradition.
Designers described this year's collection as "edgier, grittier and unapologetically funky collection" The T-shirt brand aims at focusing deeply on the personal relationship, Christ, the King, desires between himself and man.
It’s a clarion call emphasizing the importance of being connected to the King who became a servant for our sake.
Monarki also used the occasion to unveil a new streamlined version of its 6-year old logo.
'The King and I’ campaign taps into pop culture and the scriptures and is a radical look at what can be achieved when a brand decides to go into overdrive for Christ and His soul-saving mission.
By making use of strong, pithy visual statements to drive home gospel truths, Monarki is hopeful that the new collection will evangelize for the glory of God.
Shot by Monarki patron, Emmanuel Bobbie (Bob Pixel Photography) and art directed and designed by Nana Kwadwo Duah (Oxygen) the new campaign features Nadia Ntanu (Miss Ghana 2012 1st runner-up) and 23 year old model, Jason El-Agha.
The campaign’s premium look is a homage to the heydays of neon displays and is influenced by the sci-fi movie, Tron.
‘The King and I’ collection, including Monarki’s over 40 Spirit-inspired designs are available now, in male and female cuts at their flagship shop at the Forico Mall in Osu.
Monarki also offers a 5% discount when you buy two making them the most inspired gifts this season. The fit-for-a-King package that the T-shirt comes in, just by itself, is worth the selling price.
Monarki plans to roll out the new campaign through online and below-the-line formats.