Business News of 2013-12-03

‘We are breaking vicious cycle of poverty in Ghana’

With the present economic challenges facing an average Ghanaian, spending is currently diving downward, unemployment is skyrocketing, to add salt to injury, some financial institutions are exploiting this situation not to our advantage but at our detriment.
So what does this mean to us who want to make a strategic advancement to our finances? This is the time to channel our finances to a very reliable investment banking opportunity that offers excellent services and products.
Out of “no exaggeration” and personal experience, McOttley Holdings, a chain of multi-specialty subsidiaries, launches McOttley Capital’s presence in Tarkwa to redefine investment banking as its expertise in this field of professionalism known in Accra. With an impressive list of qualified professionals and superior quality, according to its CEO, Kwesi Livingstone, McOttley promises to deliver a truly world-class investment banking experience.
“We are in Tarkwa to offer world-class investment banking experience; we are in Tarkwa to offer world-class investment banking products and services to the people of the Western Region and to contribute to the development of investment culture in Ghana”.
Mr. Livingstone indicated that investment banking is not for the rich alone but it also extends to those who are struggling to meet their financial obligations in these present economic challenges. ‘We extend our brand to Tarkwa to educate and help people to develop investment culture which is part of McOttley plans to contribute to the development of people’s lives in the Western Region”, he added,
Having observed the exploitation of ignorance taken a new turn investment institutions, especially through unlicensed financial institutions, he sadly said, “some unlicensed financial institutions have extorted money from a lot of people and has run away with their monies which has contributed negatively to investment banking and reduced the credibility of reliable companies”.
He also commented, “As we acknowledge this situation, we are operating to change negative perception and ready to break the “vicious cycle of poverty” which has become popular and common trend prevailing in the lives of some people in Ghana.
Poverty is being transferred to poor generations while wealth is being transferred to wealthy generations. McOttley Capital is working with those that have less to begin their financial prosperities at a humble base while creating avenue for them to focus on their visions to make something out of their small incomes”.
To serve this purpose, “we are positioned at SIC building in Tarkwa to serve our prospective customers with products that are tailored to suit our clients need, serve with speed and integrity without stain and with guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction. In addition, customer rights that are widely enjoyed in the western world will be greatly enjoyed by our customers in the Western region too and Ghana in general”, Mr. Livingstone assured.