Entertainment of 2013-12-04

Sonnie Badu is a liar - Editor of 'News One'

The Editor of 'News One' newspaper has described renowned gospel artist Sonnie Badu as a liar for denying it was his (Sonnie Badu’s) voice on a recording where the artist is alleged to have stated that a lot of Ghanaian gospel musicians sing "nonsense" and call it gospel.
Halifax Ansah in an interview with Braa Chef on Brunch2lunch, the mid-morning show on Radio Univers on Tuesday described Sonnie Badu as someone with a lying personality if he (Sonnie Badu) was insisting that he never made statements that implied that many Ghanaian gospel songs do not make sense.
According to Mr. Ansah, Sonnie Badu made those comments at a press conference he organised some two years ago. He went on to add that if the story he had published wasn't true, “why would he (Sonnie Badu) send two people to come plead with me to stop running the story?”
According to the editor of the newspaper, one gospel artist and a movie personality came pleading with him to stop running the story since it was destroying the internationally acclaimed gospel singer's reputation.
In his quest to corroborate his earlier words in the said interview, Halifax said “sometimes certain people just want to force us to say things we don't want to say. He said he was going to have a press conference today, ask him why he has still not been able to have it. He should be explaining to people why certain artists pulled out of the concert.
He should explain why the likes of Cwesi Oteng and Ohemaa Mercy pulled out of his show at the very last minute, look, he shouldn't force some of us to say things.”
The editor of the newspaper was reacting to a social media post by gospel artist Sonnie Badu which described a story published by News One as falsehood.
Below are some excerpts of Sonnie Badu's quotes on social media
"It's been drawn to our attention that there is a news circulation that I said this and that about Ghanaian gospel artistes. Well, first of all I am a big fan of Ghana gospel music and I would never say such a thing …" he said.
The renowned gospel musician continued, "It's quite sad that upon the victory God gave us all on Saturday, someone tries to destroy what God is doing. It's sad that in your own country instead of people appreciating your efforts they are doing all they can to destroy what God is doing."
Sonnie Badu clarified that, "Once again I am a big fan of Ghana gospel music and I will continue in my own little way to let the world know about this beautiful country."
In response to the newspaper's publication, the artiste said "The sad thing is that the newspaper that released that false news was media partners who were paid to talk about the show. Still I say thank you to them for all their support but it's my cross and I will carry it. Kwame Nkrumah was never appreciated by his own until he died.”
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