Entertainment of 2013-12-04

Fashion designing is not for lazy minds - Mona-Leeza Djemel

Mona-Leeza Djemel, a 25-year-old fashion designer believes fashion designing is an important occupation just like other recognized professions and is not meant for lazy minds.

The CEO of Djemel Designs reportedly said designers who reproduce works of other designers are not only lazy but are not worthy to be called designers.

She, as a result, urged young and upcoming designers to try and be creative and come up with their artistic works.

“People think fashion designing is an easy way out but I don’t see it like that. It is broader than that. It is an art and you need to create things for yourself. I don’t see fashion designing as looking at somebody’s design and making the same thing for somebody else and the person looks good, so you think you have done something. You haven’t done anything,” Mona-Leeza said.

“I think fashion designing involves creating things on your own. Well, they say there’s nothing new in this world. Like everything has been done before, but I think when you create something from your head, even if it has been done before, you have your own touch to it because it came from your imagination.”

“Fashion designing is much more difficult than people think it is. It involves sleepless nights, a lot of thinking and a lot of work if you need to set yourself above the rest. It is difficult but I am prepared for it and it does not deter me,” she added.

Mona-Leeza is one of the youngest designers from Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design. She studied Fashion Designing, Illustration and Fashion Management. She happens to be one of the creative minds with a lot of passion for what she does.

She also recently featured on some Exopa fashion shows, where she displayed an amazing range of designs from casual clothes to gowns.