General News of 2013-12-04

“Stupid, foolish” - KT Hammond tells Kunbour over drill ship

A former Deputy Energy Minister, K T Hammond Wednesday described as “stupid, foolish, useless and nonsensical”, an anti-corruption statement made by Majority Leader Benjamin Kunbuor in the Chamber.
Dr Kunbuor sought to use the platform to urge members on both sides of the House to commit to the fight against corruption.
He cited the displaying of placards about the Woyome saga as well as the controversial drill ship sale saga by both sides against the other, underscored the need for Parliamentarians to begin the fight against corruption from within.
“Charity begins at home”, he admonished his fellow MPs adding "that corruption is seen as a disease of the political elite of this country”.
His reference to the drill ship sale in 2001, of which the Judgment Debt Sole Commission is still trying to find the whereabouts of US$3.5 million of the US$24 million proceed, gored the axe of the Adansi Asokwa MP, who was the Deputy Energy Minister at the time who led the sale.
At the risk of getting thrown out of the Chamber as threatened by Speaker Doe Adjaho, KT Hammond damned the consequences and hurled the adjectives at Dr Kunbuor and demanded a retraction of same.
“Mr. Speaker this is the most disgraceful statement that has ever been made by any member in this House; it is insulting, it is foolish and should never be allowed in this House," Mr. KT Hammond said.
He added: “I ask for the statement to be withdrawn immediately…Mr. Speaker I ask for the stupid and useless and foolish statement to be withdrawn immediately…it is palpable nonsense”.
The House was subsequently thrown into pandemonium characterized by disorderliness and deafening noises.