Health News of 2013-12-05

FDA to burn unregistered Tobinco products if...

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has served notice that it will burn all sub-standard and unregistered products of Tobinco Pharmaceutical Limited if the company fails to send them back to their manufacturers by next week.

The Post Marketing Surveillance Unit of the FDA says they will have no other choice than to use various means to dispose the drugs.

Speaking to Citi News, the head of Unit, Issaka Collision Cofie said: “We expect that by December 10, Tobinco should comply by re-exporting the products to where ever they are coming from.”

According to him, since the FDA cannot “guarantee the safety, efficacy and quality of those products, we have to dispose them off to protect the ordinary Ghanaian, so getting to that 10th of December, if the products have not been re-exported, then probably, we will have no option than to dispose the products.”

Meanwhile, the FDA has rejected a recommendation by the Parliamentary Select Committee on Health to grant a three-month moratorium to all pharmaceutical companies violating the regulations of the Public Health Act.

This comes after the committee called for a cease-fire between embattled Tobinco Pharmaceutical, the Ministry of Health, Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana and the Food and Drugs Authority.

Mr. Cofie questioned whether the Committee wants the FDA “to allow people to sell unregistered medicines within these three months? What happens if any Pharmaceutical company within that three months import unregistered medicines into Ghana? Are they asking us to suspend the Public Health Act for three months before we implement because of one person? These are legitimate questions that Ghanaians need to ask.”