Business News of 2013-12-05

GRA signs accord with taxpayers

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has launched a Customer Service Charter that will serve as a marking tool to measure staff efficiency and productivity, and serve as a social contract with the public to ensure transparency and accountability towards increased revenue mobilisation.

The charter outlines effective service delivery standards between GRA and its clients -- taxpayers -- and will, among others, serve as a motivating instrument for staff to offer seamless customer satisfaction.

Director-General George Blankson said the charter forms part of GRA’s modernisation process that will promote openness in transactions. He enjoined staff to put superior client service in the heart of their operations.

He said the authority has recognised the need to change the way it conducts business with clients, especially in the area of service delivery.

“The environment in which businesses operate has changed over the last few decades, for which reason we as service providers and revenue collectors must constructively engage our stakeholders and place them at the cutting-edge of our operations.

“We must appreciate the dynamics of customer care to be able to stay in tune and also balance competency and courtesy in service delivery. The launch of the charter signifies the signing of a social contract between GRA and its clients as the staff will be submitting themselves to be held accountable for their actions.”

Mr. Blankson said the customer care strategy places a huge responsibility on the staff of the authority to endeavour to provide exceptional service and fulfil their quest of demonstrating their unflinching support and commitment to exceed stakeholders’ expectations.

He urged the staff of GRA to embrace honesty, develop the spirit of teamwork, and be ready to receive and act on feedback in a customer-friendly manner. Finance Minister Seth Terkper, in a speech read on his behalf, lauded GRA for the charter which he believes will help it reconnect with customers for outcomes that are beneficial to the economy.

“Taxpayers must be treated well so they can pay tax with trust, because government needs that revenue to be able to provide the basic economic demands,” he said.

He said the success of GRA depends largely on excellent customer service, and assured the authority of the ministry’s support to enable them meet up with the demands of the taxpaying public.