Health News of 2013-12-06

Nova Chiropractic Health Centre opens at Adenta

A new health centre specialising in the treatment of misalignments of human joints has opened at Adenta in Accra, to help people facing such challenges in the country.

The facility, the Nova Chiropractic Health Centre, started operations about six months ago but formally announced its existence last week with a pledge to provide top-notch chiropractic health services to Ghanaians, especially those residing in Accra, who suffer from such ailments.

It is manned by renowned chiropractor, Dr Naa Ashietey, who has years of experience in the field after practising it in the United States of America, and a host of other experts in the field.

Dr Ashietey, the Chief Executive Officer of the health centre, said at the official opening ceremony in Accra that the centre was committed to ensuring that people enjoyed maximum health and wellness by focusing on optimum nervous system functions with chiropractic care, optimum nutrition and supplementation, optimum metabolism with exercise and optimum stress relief and relaxation.

These four thematic areas, she said, formed the basic principles upon which the centre would operate.

“I am particularly interested in women’s health issues. Women are the backbone of every family so it is important that they are empowered with every tool that is required for health and wellness. If women maintain healthy habits before, during and after pregnancy, then their newborn children will also be exposed to these healthy habits at a very early age so that the children will grow up doing the right things,” Dr Ashietey said.

She explained that her love for science and curiosity led her to undertake courses in chiropractic and expressed gratitude that she had been able to use it to help put smiles on people.

She has been practicing the profession since 2007 after graduating from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport in the USA.

She later obtained a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from the Chiropractic College at Cum Laude, also in the USA, and has since been working with some chiropractic health facilities in that country.

“I decided to come to Ghana because I knew that most people have no idea about this science. Our traditions and cultures from yesteryears have led to various postural abnormalities,” she said, noting that the centre aimed at solving some of those challenges.

“The way we carry heavy loads on our heads, our posture for sitting and even sleeping, our way of sweeping and many more affect our posture,” she added.

Dr Ashietey thus advised the general public to be careful of how they used their bodies and explained that a healthy lifestyle and proper use of the various parts of the body would help reduce the increasing cases of sicknesses and other challenges in the human system.