General News of 2013-12-08

Stop insulting tertiary education - Prof Yankah

President of the Central University College (CUC), Prof Kwesi Yankah, says stakeholders in education must stop insulting tertiary education by stopping the discrimination against private Universities.

Prof Yankah says there are tonnes of bureaucracies frustrating private universities from introducing new disciplines in the sciences while their colleague public universities just dream up a course and are instantly given the green light to implement it.

“…You have state-owned universities with no experience, no lecturers, nothing; they just dream of a course and implement it”, he argued.

“What does the University of Allied Health Sciences has that we don’t have?”

He said: “It’s not fair and I think we should not continue insulting tertiary education like that”.

According to him, if the Government sees private Universities as relevant, then they must be assisted to do more applied science courses.

“…It is up to Government to realise that the science courses particularly within the private sector, need to be funded and subsidised by government because they move in the direction of the State’s strategic interest”.