Crime & Punishment of 2013-12-08

Minister demands action to curb armed robbery in WA

Minister for Public-Private Partnership and Member of Parliament for Wa Central Constituency, Rashid Hassan Pelpuo has expressed grave concern about the increasing spate of armed robbery in the Wa municipality.

According to him, the municipality is now becoming a haven for young thieves aspiring to become robbers.

Mr. Pelpuo who was speaking at this year's Famers Day celebration in Kongu appealed to the Wa police to step up efforts to arrest the menace.

He said, "We hear that Wa is becoming a den of thievery and young armed robbers who are coming up and aspiring to bigger ones. They do all kinds of bizarre things, attacking students and taking their laptops, attacking [innocent] people who are riding on the streets and taking their motorbikes."

The MP stressed that it is important that Wa becomes a constituency free of crime, a constituency that can be relied on, "that can attract investors and that can ensure that people can come here and be free."

Mr. Pelpuo vowed that, "We will not relent is chasing you and ensuring that we nip in the bud this growing impunity that is pervading the constituency. We must stop it and we will pursue you to ensure that you stop it."

He, however, noted that he has "heard of situations where the police are compromised because people are able to speak to them in a ways that they understand and not let people go through the due process. This must be stop. People who are arrested and suspected of being criminals must go through the due process so they can be brought to book."