General News of 2013-12-09

Gov't is treating us unfairly - Togbiga Gabusu V

The Paramount Chief of the Gbi Traditional Area, Togbiga Gabusu V has lamented what he calls government’s inaction a year after the Hohoe clashes.

“I don't know why we are being treated like this by the government,” he said sadly.

His comments come on the back of clashes which erupted a year ago after the body of an Imam was exhumed on the alleged orders of Togbiga Gabusu V, leading to the death of two persons.

The Paramount Chief’s car was set ablaze and his palace vandalized in the process by the Muslim youth in Hohoe in the Volta Region.

Speaking at the Gbi festival held over the weekend, Togbiga Gabusu V said “this has been the saddest celebration of my life. How can I be sleeping on the streets and then I come here and say I am celebrating or enjoying with my people.”

According to him, although the festival is a time for celebrations, he is unhappy about the way the people of Gbi have been treated following promises that were made to them by the President.

“The first gentleman of the state was here, telling us they will take care of it. But up to today, nothing has been done about it by government,” he lamented.