General News of 2013-12-10

Kufuor dares CIA over Rawlings attacks

The Office of former President John Kufuor says the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States, must come out to confirm or deny former President John Rawlings’ claim that it warned Mr Kufuor of an impending coup during his time in office, due to his alleged monopoly on corruption.
Mr Kufuor’s Spokesperson, Frank Agyekum, threw the challenge when he spoke to XYZ Breakfast Show Host Moro Tuesday.
He was responding to former President Rawlings’ accusation of Mr Kufuor, that he monopolised corruption during his two-term tenure from 2001 to 2009.
Mr Rawlings told XYZ News that: “The difference between John Mills and Kufuor is that Kufuor was so autocratic”.
“…They had used the military and the police to subjugate the spirit of the people that he was the only one who could do corrupt things plus his family and those he would allow, and he would jail anybody else who did not have his permission to be corrupt, so there was a way in which his regime looked orderly because nobody else could engage in it except himself or gave you the permission”.
According to him, “The regime got so corrupt that America had to send the CIA boss…to come and warn Kufuor that ‘if you don’t contain your corruption, there’ll be a coup d’etat and it will be very popular and that’s why America will not be able to help you’”,
Mr Agyekum said: “That’s an allegation that has no foundation to stand on at all and I would have dismissed it and thrown it away but coming from former president, we challenge the American Embassy to come out today to explain and to tell us if what President Rawlings is saying is true because as far as I’m concerned, nothing of such happened”.
“…The CIA should come out and explain to us where this is coming from”, Frank Agyekum insisted.
He said there is evidence to show that Mr Kufuor did a lot against corruption than his predecessor.
Mr Ageykum said Mr Kufuor, unlike Mr Rawlings, was a well-established person before coming into power and so wondered why Mr Rawlings would hurl such “weather-beaten” allegations against his boss.