General News of 2013-12-10

GII warns gov't of uprising over corruption

Anti-graft body, Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), has warned of a possible uprising if corruption isn’t properly checked.

The local Chapter of Transparency International has proposed the introduction of strict anti-corruption laws by the political leadership to enable law enforcement agencies deal with persons found condoning corruption.

The group’s Executive Director, Vitus Azeem, said many people including politicians are guided by the desire to live better lives, thus engage in dubious activities to satisfy that desire.

Speaking to XYZ NEWS, he said there is a need for an immediate intervention from the president or the country could witness an uprising.

“There has to be a way out one day otherwise the anger would so much that one day what we don’t want see happening, that has happened in Tunisia, Egypt and other places would happen and we don’t want that,” Mr. Azeem said.