General News of 2013-12-10

Corruption: Rawlings is a hypocrite – NPP Group

A pro-opposition group, NPP Youth for 2016, has accused former President Jerry Rawlings of “hypocrisy” over his recent accusation of his successor, John Kufuor, of monopolising corruption during his time in office.

According to the group, Mr Rawlings must remove the plank from his eyes before removing the speck from other people’s eyes.

“President Rawlings will do himself so much good, sweep Ghana much neat, and gain for himself the moral authority, if he can clean his own house, the NDC with urgency and stop those unnecessary attacks on President Kufuor”.

“Consistently for decades, former President Rawlings has faced citizens of Ghana with cruel irony of citing innocent Ghanaians and their families for corrupt practices without good grounds, but in any sincere count of corrupt persons in Ghana, Mr. Rawlings must not look far but within his own, the NDC government”, the group asserted.

The group says Mr Rawlings accusation against Mr Kufuor is “unfair” and “baseless”, adding that Mr. Rawlings must explain to Ghanaians how his wife acquired the Nsawam Cannery, a state owned factory.

The statement said Mr Rawlings also, through his personal corrupt means, as a young soldier who could not afford food and furniture, suddenly lavished in houses, cars, and sponsored his children’s school abroad. “Mabey and Johnson happened under the leadership of President Rawlings. So quite clearly, Mr. Rawlings either thinks Ghanaians have forgotten, or wishes we forget the rot he led”.

It says, “the most unfortunate Mills-led NDC government in its shameless and singular purpose of draining Ghana through sketchy judgment debt deals must not be lost so soon on the mind of Mr. Rawlings.

"The never ending list of Woyome, Watervile, Isofoton, etc, which led to Justice Dotse’s famous assertion of create, loot and share brigade, demands Rawlings' attention. Ghanaians are surely much awake and wiser than Mr. Rawlings takes us for”.

In the group’s view, people must question “the sudden silence and blindness of Mr Rawlings on the massive corruption under President John Mahama. From SADA, GYEEDA to SUBAH, huge amounts of money have been paid to undeserving crook and cronies of NDC and their families”. It said time and again, NDC, which was a creation of Mr Rawlings, has represented the “colour of corruption, and a platform for scheming sketchy deals against the nation Ghana”.