Health News of 2013-12-11

Tobinco 'begs' for more time to re-export fake drugs

The Food and Drugs Authority says it is considering extending the deadline given to Tobinco Pharmaceuticals to re-export all fake drugs it brought into the country.

The consideration for an extension follows a request from Tobinco.

The FDA gave the Company up to Tuesday to comply with the order.

Isaka Collins of the FDA told XYZ News in an interview that the request could be granted.

He, however, assured consumers these substandard drugs won’t be available on the market.

“They [Tobinco] have pleaded for an extension since the time factor was very short for them so we should grant them some extension to get the products back to where they are coming from.

“We [FDA] can assure that, that extension we are considering and it would be granted to them. We want to assure Ghanaians that the products would be re-exported to where they are coming from”.

Tobinco and the regulator have been mudslinging each other in the media until the Parliamentary select committee on health called a truce.