General News of 2013-12-13

Rawlings doesn’t deserve to live on this land - NPP Guru

Aspiring National Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Hopeson Adorye has fired salvos at former President Rawlings over his recent comments that the erstwhile Kufuor administration monopolized corruption and was autocratic.
President Jerry John Rawlings accused his successor, former President J.A Kufuor, of superintending over corruption during his reign to the extent that America had to send the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to warn him.
Lamenting on the remarks made by former President Rawlings, Hopeson Adorye described such comments as "baseless, bogus and capricious" and branded Mr. Rawlings as a "hypocrite".
Speaking to, he wondered why he (Rawlings) would jab his successor and portray himself as a saint when he was very corrupt. According to him, President Rawlings "doesn't deserve to live" in Ghana due to his corruptible practices and the killings which occurred under his rule.
“He’s trying to be a holier-than-thou person. He portrays himself as if he’s an Angel; during his nineteen years of rule, …If you remember, first and foremost, when he took over power, he opened an account at the Ghana Commercial bank named Account 48 and he asked everybody to deposit old fifty notes into that account and then it will be paid back to various depositors. But the man took all the money with his family and his friends…Nobody resisted him. And you call yourself a clean man?
"Besides that, this is a man who sold State properties to his family, his friends and cronies…Former President Rawlings cannot convince anybody that he was an Angel, and Kufuor was corrupt…Sincerely, if Ghanaians would be truthful, like Rawlings doesn’t deserve to live on this land,” he said.