Politics of 2013-12-13

Desist from clinging on to power – Mahama to African leaders

President John Mahama has called on his colleague African leaders not to cling on to power by manipulating their country’s constitutions.

According to him, African leaders must respect the fact that “you don’t have a divine right to rule your people and knowledge is not reposed in one person and that you come, you do your part, you go, others come and continue from where you left off.”

The President also entreated Africans not to only pay lip service in proclaiming the legacies of the late Nelson Mandela, but demonstrate it in their lives.

He made the comments in an interview with Radio Ghana in Pretoria after filing past the remains of Mr. Mandela at the Union Building.

President Mahama noted that although the late Mandela “came under a lot of persuasion to stand for President again, he declined, and after his first term, he gave it up and passed it on to the next generation which was Thabo Mbeki and his batch, so I think that there are a lot of lessons we can take.”

He expressed regrets that some African leaders “just want to stay on and stay on. In my book, I wrote something my father used to say that you leave when the applause is the loudest. When the applause is the loudest, sometimes, you get swollen headed, and you think that you are ‘jack toronto’ and that you can go on and on. Eventually, it becomes negative.”