Business News of 2013-12-13

Minority questions ¢600,000 budgetary allocation to Brand Ghana

The Minority in Parliament is questioning a budgetary allocation of ¢600,000 to the Brand Ghana office. The allocation is part of a total sum of 326,838,220 cedis to be approved by Parliament for the office of the President.

The operations of the Brand Ghana office have been put under the office of the President. On the floor of Parliament, Friday, legislators were to approve budgetary allocations to government institutions, ministries and agencies but that of the Brand Ghana Office did not pass without comment.

The Minority spokesperson on Finance Dr. Anthony Akoto Osei queried the allocation to the office, arguing the office was not created by an ACT of Parliament.

While agreeing in part to the approval of the amount allocated to the presidency, he wanted a better clarification on the allocation to the Brand Ghana Office.

The Speaker of Parliament, Doe Adjaho was reported to have referred the matter to the Attorney General to explain the circumstances under that allocation were made. The Brand Ghana Office was established by the then president John Mills primarily to promote the country, home and abroad.

Its activities were however, questioned with critics describing it as a duplication of other state institutions.