Business News of 2013-12-13

InstaVoice launches in Ghana

Mobile users in Ghana can download a new application known as InstaVoice for free from Google Play Store and experience an easy-to-use application that combines voice SMS and chatting for the first time.

Kirusa, the leader in voice and social media solutions for emerging markets, recently launched the product in Ghana.

InstaVoice is the first and only free messaging applications that combines texting and voicing (voice chatting), voice SMS, visual voicemail and missed call alerts, all in one easily navigable chat screen.

Mrinal Roy, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of Airtel Ghana, commenting on the product said, “InstaVoice makes it so easy to send and listen to voice messages so we believe it is going to create a culture of voicing in Ghana. We are excited that Kirusa has chosen Ghana as the first market for InstaVoice.”

He said an iOS application for iPhones will be available soon.

Built on Kirusa Voice SMS technology, InstaVoice is the first text messaging and voice application that is designed with the needs of both smartphone and feature phone users in mind. Its users can send messages to non-InstaVoice user, who receive voice messages as a voice SMS.

Mrinal noted that the application goes far beyond what any of the mobile messaging applications currently on the market can do.

“It is the only one that allows users to view and respond to text and voice messages, voice SMS, visual voicemails and missed call alerts from within one screen. It also allows users to record voice or text notes and share them instantly with other users on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Vobolo.”