Diasporian News of 2013-12-14

NDC USA Celebrates The Life Of Nelson Mandela

He spent more than two decades in prison. Locked away on a desolate island, but his story of struggle against injustice only grew louder as it reverberated across the hearts and minds of humanity. Notwithstanding the hatred that apartheid system fostered, Nelson Mandela was able to champion a message of unity and forgiveness in a new South Africa under ANC’s rule. Notwithstanding the personal hardships and tribulation he suffered, he harbored no enmity. He fought along for the freedom of his people but refused to impose himself as President over his people for all his life. His life story is an illumination of what is actually a life worth living. He has etched his name on the sands of time. Across the continent of Africa his life speaks loudly to current and future leadership. One needs not to rule forever to be great. In too many places across Africa many have taken to arms to resolve their differences, south Africa’s struggle against apartheid is a lesson on how futile and self-destructive these armed struggles are. Nelson Mandela’s life struggle, his dignity and respect for all his countrymen elucidates the point that it is useless for fellow countrymen to killing each other because of differences which may exist based on religion, culture, skin color or any other interest. NDC USA celebrates the life of Nelson Mandela. Here lies the true royalty of Africa. Oh God that you may raise among every country in Africa another Mandela. May he rest in Peace. Goodbye Madiba. Media Response Committee of NDC USA Signed : Mr. Fred Johnson, Deputy Secretary, NDC USA