Business News of 2013-12-15

Stranded passengers to sue Starbow

Private airline, Starbow, will soon be dragged to court for failing to airlift some of its passengers from Kumasi to Accra on Saturday.

Through no fault of theirs, the passengers numbering about 50 were left at the mercy of the weather at the Kumasi Airport.

Citi News gathered that the majority of them were expected to connect to other parts of the world on their arrival in Accra.

Frustrated Selasie Agbemabiase said he was compelled to sleep at the Kumasi Airport because he could not afford to pay for the hotel bills.

“As I am speaking to you right now, I am in the same dress and wearing the same slippers I came to Kumasi with; nothing, I didn’t come with anything because I didn’t plan to stay in Kumasi; my other engagements in Accra, I had to cancel all because of this and they did absolutely nothing to console us.”

According to Selasie, staff of Starbow in Kumasi turned down their request to accommodate them in hotels.

“We were even asking them to at least check us into a hotel so that we can have a comfortable sleep, but unfortunately that was not done.”

He confirmed that three of them, including a Lawyer, have decided to sue Starbow for breach of contract.

It was unclear when the problem will be fixed as attempts to reach Starbow management proved futile.