General News of 2013-12-15

NDC Group wants authority to impeach Prez. if...

One would have thought that after a President is elected, he becomes the leader of the Nation and his continuous stay in office is dependent on the provisions of the 1992 Constitution.

But the Youth Empowerment, an offshoot of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), is calling for reforms in the party’s constitution that do not only give grassroots the power to elect National Executives, but also reserve the power to impeach the President.

In a telephone interview, the Convener of the group, Ebenezer Arkutu told NEAT FM; “…we have won four out of six elections in this country on the shoulders of the grassroots of this party and at each of these victories, the structures have been left behind. So when we talk about reforms, we are not saying it lightly because we want a paradigm shift in the administration and management in not only our party, but of the nation, because we even want to have a say in how our nation is governed by our party, when we win elections”.

When questioned on the specific reforms the group would like to see, Mr. Arkutu emphatically stated that, “the first one is that, we want a constitutional reform that will not only give us the power and the authority to elect the party’s flagbearer, including our Regional and National Executives, but we are also asking for far reaching powers which will afford the grassroot the opportunity to even impeach our flagbearer or the NDC government, if the NDC is in government as we are today.”

According to him, these powers would be exercised when the party faithful believe that they are being scandalized by the failed leadership of their government when their party is in office.

In his view, the call for a reform has become imperative because of the fact that the ruling NDC is the most successful party of the Fourth Republic. These great achievements, he opined, were chalked through hard work of the party’s foot-soldiers, which mainly comprises of youth who are always neglected after elections.

Ebenezer Arkutu further warned that the call should not be taken “lightly”.