Entertainment of 2013-12-16

Yvonne Nelson at loggerheads with Joselyn Dumas over Zaron saga?

Brand ambassador is no doubt one of the many jackpots many air personalities, actors and actresses among many other popular figures in their field of endeavours have been jostling for, as a result of the cash and other eye popping benefits that comes with it.
In Ghana, several personalities have been a benefactor of this new generation way of advertising, and there’s no doubt that Yvonne Nelson is one of those who have been favoured to have been brand ambassador to different organisation, which Zaron Hair and Make-Up is one of.
The Ghanaian fair complexion actress however began to act in ways that already started making potential brands cast doubt on her being a reliable brand ambassador as she was alleged to have boycott the recently launched of Zaron Hair and Make-Up launch in Accra; an event which she was billed to anchor as the brand ambassador of the cosmetic ad make up label.
Zaron management, who couldn’t afford to get embarrassed at the sudden disappearance of their brand ambassador, even, after eye popping amount of money have exchanged hands as part of the deal, had to call in Joselyn Dumas to fill the gap of Yvonne Nelson, an attempt which many who witnessed it claimed was responsible for the mishap in speech delivery of Joselyn.
However, disappointment of such magnitude has began to raise questions from concerned quarters, why Yvonne Nelson would disappoint her business partners.
Some are suggesting if there was break down in certain agreement or she was just stuck somewhere in a far away island and just decided not to stress a nerve.
But whatever her reason is, our parrot shall let you know.
Joselyn Dumas was made to stand in the gap of the ‘missing’ Yvonne Nelson to cut the tape