Business News of 2013-12-16

Ghanaians sign up for green business challenge

Eighteen Ghanaians are among 217 African students from 21 countries who have signed up for the 2014 Go Green in the City business challenge focusing on innovative energy solutions for urban areas and open to students from around the world.

Apart from Ghana there are applicants primarily from Nigeria (83), Algeria (29), Morocco (23), South Africa (17), and Egypt (12).

Students from Engineering and Business Schools, Master's and MBA programmes in Africa and from across the globe have until February 15, 2014 to sign up for the challenge, sponsored by Schneider Electric, in teams of two with at least one female member.

"The young generation in Africa is increasingly aware of the mounting electricity and energy needs which go hand in hand with social progress and environmental protection. This growing interest by African students is key for Schneider Electric,” said Mohammed Saad, President of Schneider Electric in Africa.

“The challenge lies not only in producing more electricity, but also in generating smart energy so as to enable intelligent growth in Africa”, Mr Saad added. To date, more than 1,744 applications representing over 81 different nationalities have been received for Go Green in the City 2014.

Each team must submit a business case illustrating their idea as a viable energy management solution for one of the five main urban sectors (residential, university, commercial, water and hospital). In order to receive expert tips for their business case and gain unique insight into the global leader in energy management, students can now take part in a creative challenge, via an online questionnaire.

On February 28, 2014, the 100 best teams will be short-listed and have one month to work with a mentor from Schneider Electric to present a synopsis and video outlining their business case.

The top 12 teams will then be invited to Paris in June to take part in the final. The winning team will travel to various Schneider Electric sites across the world and meet with staff and management from the Group. They will also be offered a permanent position within the Group.