Business News of 2013-12-16

Metro Mass Transit to offload 102 buses

One hundred and two buses belonging to the Metro Mass Transit (MMT) company are to be offloaded and subsequently sold to scrap dealers in 2014.

These buses are no longer economically viable and the MMT company, which incurs a lot of cost in maintaining them, is seeking to use the money accrued to purchase new buses.

These remarks were made by the Managing Director of the MMT, Mr Noble John Appiah, at a press soiree held in Accra.

High cost to management

Mr Appiah noted that each of the 102 buses to be offloaded had recorded over 100,000 kilometres mileage.

Those vehicles, he said, had been used for many years now and had incurred a lot of wear and tear.

He also mentioned that the company had incurred a lot of losses maintaining those buses, adding that “it will be more prudent for us to sell them and procure new ones rather than spending huge sums maintaining these vehicles to be roadworthy.”

Safety of passengers

According to Mr Appiah, in 2013, all 2000 drivers of MMT went through re-training and that had ensured professionalism among the drivers.

The Ghana Police Service, according to Mr Appiah, had collaborated with the MMT to secure passengers through the provision of security personnel for their buses.

Efficiency in bus service

The MMT will introduce E-Ticketing next year to electronically record and generate tickets for passengers.

The Deputy Managing Director of MMT, Mr John Awuku Dzuazah, also told journalists that the management of MMT was committed to using technology to reduce leakages in the current system.

He said that as part of the company’s five-year strategic plan, 1,000 buses would be acquired between 2014 and 2018 to augment their current fleet.