General News of 2013-12-17

Sekou: Mahama “worst” ever public speaker to lead Ghana

Political Activist, Dr Sekou Nkrumah, has described President John Mahama as the “worst public speaker” Ghana has ever had as a Leader.

Dr Nkrumah told XYZ Breakfast Show host Moro Awudu Tuesday that the President’s recent complaint that Ghanaians are overly cynical and have very short memory, betrays his bad public oratory skills.

“John Mahama is the worst Ghanaian President when it comes to public speaking because his ideas are totally bankrupt and uninspiring”, he said.

Comparing the President to his late predecessor Prof John Mills, Dr Nkrumah said: “the late Prof Mills might not have been so inspiring but I think he had some intellectual depth but unfortunately with Mahama, he doesn’t seem to have anything”.

President Mahama recently said countries like China, Japan and other emerging economies have become economic giants in the world because the people of those countries had faith in their leadership.

He therefore said instead of Ghanaians being so cynical all the time, they should rather rally support behind him and also have faith in him to lead the country into prosperity.

Dr Nkrumah however said President Mahama got it all wrong with his analysis of the impact a peoples’ support could have on leadership.

“The example of China he’s talking about, I have a book I’m reading, on ‘Mao, the unknown story’; it took leadership to transform that society; it’s nothing to do with the people on their own figuring things out; it had to do with leadership. It’s leadership that opens the eyes of people and it’s leadership that gets people to do the right thing”.