Entertainment of 2013-12-17

Mirror Ball goes double in December

The year 2013 has certainly lived up to expectation as one of transformation, with an unprecedented series of what seemed like more downs than ups.

When a whole nation’s attention is captured for eight months in the legal intricacies of a Supreme Court case and certainly when the likes of Madiba choose this year to go home and rest after 95 years on this earth, one can conclude that this has been an eventful year full of surprises.

One thing that has not changed and has kept with tradition as expected is the quality of the premium experience at the iconic Tulip Mirror Ball where once a month, mature fun lovers relive their glorious youthful days in the dark and well chilled night clubs of 1970s and 80s Ghana.

Organisers of Accra’s premium monthly party, Tag Team Ltd, will host two events this month to cater for the increased need for relaxation and celebration that every year end calls for.

On Friday December 20th the theme is “Retro” and this is a classic revival of the Afro comb and wigs, the butterfly collars and corduroys with the colourful silk shirts and “guarantee” platform shoes.

This was the era of the Walkman and the Rubik’s cube. Remember that colourful cube with six movable sides that was the most difficult thing to put together into uniform colours? Or do you recall the vinyl days when the records created a crackling sound just before the needle would enter the groove for the song to begin? As a guy you had to pop up your collar and roll up your short sleeves to show your “macho”!

The first 300 guests who show up this Friday should expect a free CD mixed by DJ Blow straight out of that shiny disco era for their listening pleasure throughout the festive season and beyond.

On Friday December 27th when most of the diasporan crowd is in town there is certainly going to be a repeat of the popular year end jam which always brings Accra to a standstill so competition is duly warned.

The theme on the 27th is “Freestyle” as many guests visiting from abroad pay strict attention to their baggage allowance on the flight and the less clothes they bring, the more “kobi” and “shito” they can carry back “innit”?