Business News of 2013-12-18

Silver Star Auto launches 2014 S-Class Mercedes-Benz

Silver Star Auto Company Limited, authorised dealers in Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Ghana, has unveiled the latest model of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class to customers in Ghana.
The event, which was held yesterday at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra, attracted customers of Silver Star Auto Limited, business magnates, government officials as well as huge media practitioners.
The Chief Executive Officer of Silver Star Auto Limited, Mr Nouhad Kalmoni, addressing the event stated that since the very first days of the S-Class, Mercedes-Benz has been constantly pursuing the same vision of sophisticated technology of automotive engineering to ensure recognition of the Mercedes-Benz flagship.
“The 2014 S-Class continues to emphasize its overriding concern for the safety of its passengers as well as other road users. The new S-Class has “Intelligent Drive” technology which enhances ability to avoid accidents and minimize their consequences,” he said and urged lovers of Mercedes-Benz to seriously consider it on the market.
Mr. Kalmoni explained that every generation of S-Class has earned for itself the accolade of “the best car in the world”.
“In constructing the 2014 S-Class, the aspirations of Mercedes-Benz went beyond beauty, dynamism and efficiency, it was about “the best or nothing”, and no other vehicle delivers better on its brand promise than the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class”, he emphasized
He however stressed that the S-Class has been designed to be sleek and silent, its coefficient drag of cd=0.24 is a new benchmark for the segment to further enhance driving pleasure with specific measures to shut out wind noise.
“Improvements in the sealing systems around the doors, windows and other wind deflectors make the S-Class the car with the best aero acoustics which no other car is quieter on the road”, he added.
Interior/Exterior Designs

The new S-Class front end design depicts an ambition to lead. The radiator grill is now larger and upright and distinctly three dimensional in design.
Side design is characterized by the brand’s hallmark dropping line that descends discreetly from the rear and succeeds in generating dynamism and excitement even with the car at a standstill. From the rear, width is emphasized by horizontal line running from the boot lid to the bumper.
The interior design depicts a true superior saloon. Materials and colour are used in perfect co-ordination to produce an exclusive interior. The generous use of wood trim together with metalized switch surfaces highlights the vehicle’s high quality interior.

Active Lane Keepin Assist: This is a feature that can detect when the adjustment lane is occupied, especially by oncoming traffic and reduce the risk of the vehicle leaving its lane unintentionally by applying a brake on the side.
Bas Plus with Cross Traffic Assist: This is a first ever in automobile braking technology, is able to detect traffic and pedestrians crossing vehicle’s path and can boost braking power applied by the driver.
Magic Body Control Suspension: The new S-Class will be the first car ever to have the ability to detect uneven road conditions (Road Surface Scan) and set up suspensions (Magic Body Control) to ride out bumps so effectively that occupant enjoys an entirely smooth ride.
Lighting: The 20014 S-Class scores two further first ever in the area of lighting technology, it is the first car to completely eliminate conventional light bulbs and light up entirely on LED technology.
This reduce power consumption by 25% as compared to conventional headlamps, the tail light comes with a multi-level function which is also first in automotive technology. Whilst stopped at a traffic light, the intensity of the S-Class tail lights are automatically dimmed so that drivers behind it are not dazzled.