Business News of 2013-12-19

Ghana’s economy will be diversified to boost growth – Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama has promised to diversify the Ghanaian economy to enhance its growth.

According to him, “it is time to move the economy from just being primary produce exporters to advancing, secondary and tertiary processing of our raw materials.”

The President made this revelation when members of the Council of State met him at the Peduase Lodge to assess the performance of the government in 2013.

According to the President, the diversification would empower the manufacturing sectors to grow.

He revealed that the manufacturing sector has been the slowest in growth, though it has been given lots of incentives, it has “not responded as we have expected it.”

Therefore as part of efforts to help the sector, the Ghanaian manufacturer’s goods will be “prioritized” by government to enable them have a guaranteed market that would allow them to expand their production and employ more people.

He also mentioned that the state of the nation’s address which will be delivered early next year “is going to map out a solid vision as to where we want to take this country. Based on the state of the nation address, the medium term development framework is being prepared and finalized so that it will be presented to parliament this year.”