Business News of 2013-12-19

GLICO launched GLG&GLS product

In response to the changing social and economic circumstances of individuals and corporate institutions, Glico life Insurance has today launches the Glico Life Guaranteed GLG and Glico Life savings Plan GLS which is a twin’s product to serve client and customer efficient service. Commissioner of Insurance, Ms. Lydia Lariba Bawa said Ghana insurance market continues to be competitive and dynamic in approach, since the insuring public is becoming more and more discerning in their dealing with the insurance companies as reflect in their considerations when buying insurance products She said there is an enormous potential for insurance business in general and life business in particular with a future as bright but the need to continue to take the blood steps in order to get the maximum benefit of the opportunities that lie ahead. We should aim at providing information to meet policyholder needs expectation. Ms. Bawa mention the need to provision of quality customer service, there is the need to continue to increase public awareness about our product and to raise our company s repuitation, image and performance in the eyes of the industry, mshareholders, employees, and the general public.. She said the key aspect of their operation which is easily downplayed but which is crucial to the success of our operation and in our at5tempt to give off our best to our clients is the utilization of a fully integrated operational and financial system. “We need to challenge ourselves as an industry so as to exceed the expectations of policyholder s.infact; we should make our customers delight in our services “he quoted. Director of Glico life Insurance company,Mr.E.Forkuo assures that the twin products meet the expectation of their cherished client, last year, because they piloted them in three region of Ghana, namely Greater Accra, Ashanti and Brong Ahafo. He said client have well received the products and it is their heart desired to lunch and extend the to all the ten regions of Ghana where, gladly Glico life has offices manned by the agile and customer centered sales executive ready to offer insurance solutions to all He said the LG and LS twins products have been repackaged to offer benefit such as guaranteed sum assured plus bonus on maturity, lump sum amount of payment on heart attack, coronary heart disease requiring surgery ,cancer ,coma,. the product are designed in such a way that inflation trends have no effect on the investment guaranteed at maturity.