Business News of 2013-12-20

Lakeside Estates launches urban planning project

Lakeside Estates Limited has launched an urban planning project to provide safe, organised and enjoyable home and work life experience for all residents in the estate.

Recently, some of the largest concerns of urban planning has been about building locations, zoning, transportation and how a town or city should look, and the new urban project takes into consideration all those concerns.

Launching the project at a ceremony in Accra, the Managing Director of Lakeside Estates, Mr Prince Joseph Ayiku, said the location of a building, coupled with the designing of certain areas of a town or city for special purposes like residential zones, commercial areas and industrial sections, was important in urban planning.

He said Lakeside Estates had zoned its new development, taking into consideration underlying principles in urban planning, and that had made Lakeside Estates a unique and beautiful place to own a property.

According to Mr Ayiku, ensuring that there are enough roads and highways, as well as easy-to-access public transportation, is also a priority in the estate’s urban planning project as its roads are well designed, functional and provides easy access to all its developments.

The managing director indicated that in order for law enforcement agencies such as the Fire Service and the police to be effective and punctual, security stations would be centrally located and scattered throughout the area.

He said since the health of a population remained key in the development of every nation, the Lakeside Estates had built a pharmacy shop to support the health needs of residents, and surrounding communities.

The company also used the occasion to officially open the Lakeside Estates community shops which operate on a total space of 121.83m and houses a pharmacy and provision shop managed by Oaklex Pharmacy and the Lakeside Holding Company.

The Procurement and Administrative Manager of Lakeside Estate, Mr Sampson Obeng, said the rationale behind the opening of the shops was to provide residents with a good location where basic day-to-day consumables and pharmaceutical products could be accessed.

“The building is beside a commercial bus stop and future water station. We have ample parking spaces for eight vehicles, professional property management, separate Electricity Company of Ghana metres and water tanks,” he said.

According to Mr Obeng, the management of Lakeside Estates planned to expand the facility into a two-storey building to create space for more shop owners.